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An extremely popular form of HVAC unit is known as a “dual fuel system” because it offers two types of fuel for more ease and flexibility. The unit combines a gas furnace with an electric heat pump, and residents can simply alternate between the two whenever they desire. Many people do opt for the electrical side of the system, particularly because of added options for solar power. However, the benefit is that gas is always available, a great help if there is ever a blackout. To get started with one of these cost-saving appliances, reach out to Controlled Air. We aim to provide excellent Livermore dual fuel system services to serve all our clients’ needs.

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How Do Dual Fuel Systems Work?

Just like a normal heat pump, the system provides a supreme level of energy efficiency. Throughout the summer months, it offers central cooling. During the early fall and spring, when it is slightly chilly, this pump works in reverse to provide heat. In the middle of winter, however, when temperatures drop much lower, residents then have the option of switching to a powerful furnace.

Why Using a Dual Fuel System Is a Great Idea

The fact that a dual fuel system acts as both a heat pump and a furnace is what makes it so versatile and convenient. Homeowners do not have to purchase a completely different system and then work to find space to store yet another bulky appliance. However, dual fuel systems have more advantages as well. 

For example, dual fuel systems offer maximized comfort. It may seem surprising, but the heat pump element of the system is capable of providing cooling and heating, depending on the season. Traditional systems require residents to switch manually. This can be a pain since it means dragging out a different appliance whenever the temperature changes. In contrast, the heat pump simply switches between the two options, making temperature control a breeze. Best of all, dual fuel systems are extremely eco-friendly. By investing in one, homeowners and business owners contribute to a better environment inside and outside their properties.

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Signs Dual System Needs Troubleshooting

Although dual fuel systems are extremely innovative, they are not invincible. It is important to keep an eye out for when they have passed their prime. Bad smells or loud noises when the machine is turned on are key signs the system should be checked out.

The most common issues of a dual fuel system include:

  • Leaking refrigerant
  • A faulty, old thermostat
  • Drainage issues due to a clog
  • Dirty AC filter must be cleaned or replaced

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